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1At least one commercial is fully AI-generated.$4.25With AI’s growing role in creative industries, a Super Bowl ad may experiment with this technology. However, the high stakes of Super Bowl advertising might still favor human-led creative processes.No
2Taylor Swift is noticably absent from all Super Bowl advertising.$2.10Taylor Swift’s broad appeal makes her a prime candidate for Super Bowl ads. However, her own strategic choices or exclusive contracts might lead to her absence, despite the ‘Taylor Swift effect’ on female viewership​​.No
3One or more actors from ‘Succession’ reprising their role to promote a brand.$2.85The cultural impact of ‘Succession’ could inspire a brand to feature its actors, leveraging the show’s popularity. This would be a creative way to draw in viewers who are fans of the series.No
4A commercial filmed in style of ‘Tube Girl’.$4.80Tube Girl’ style represents a unique and quirky choice. While not mainstream, Super Bowl ads are known for their creative risks, making this a distinct possibility for a standout ad.No
5Ozempic releases a brand commercial.$2.50Given the trend of pharmaceuticals in advertising and the potential to reach a wide audience, Ozempic might see the Super Bowl as an opportune moment to launch a major campaign. However, the product might not be relevant to the Super Bowl’s wide audience.No
6Jeremy Allen White will be thirst trapping.$3.10Jeremy Allen White’s rising fame makes him an attractive choice for brands seeking to captivate viewers with familiar and appealing faces.No
7X (Twitter) tries to win back audiences with big brand spot.$1.70Twitter, aiming to revitalize its image and user base, might see the Super Bowl as the perfect platform for a high-impact advertisement​​.Yes
8Alix Earle stars in a commercial.$3.80As influencer marketing grows, featuring a popular influencer like Alix Earle could be a strategic move for brands targeting a younger, digitally engaged audience.No
9At least one brand creates ‘fully shoppable’ commercial.$1.95The integration of e-commerce and advertising is on the rise. A ‘fully shoppable’ Super Bowl ad would be a groundbreaking move, aligning with the trend towards more interactive and technologically advanced advertising.Yes
103 or more brand collab spots (teaming up to create new product).$2.30The trend towards collaborative brand efforts might culminate in multiple high-profile partnerships at the Super Bowl, showcasing innovative products and joint campaigns.Yes
11A brand will talk about uniting the divided nation/world.$2.00Super Bowl ads often touch on current social sentiments. A unifying theme, especially in a time of perceived division, would resonate with a wide audience, aligning with general advertising trends towards positivity and inclusivity.Yes
12Travis Kelce appears in 2 or more commercials.$2.35As a notable NFL player, Travis Kelce’s presence in multiple ads would be a strategic choice for brands looking to capitalize on his popularity, especially considering the recent interest around his personal life highlighted in the media.Yes
13Barry Keoghan features in period empowerment commercial.$4.75While Barry Keoghan is a rising star, the specificity of a period empowerment commercial featuring him is quite niche, making this a less likely scenario for a mainstream event like the Super Bowl.No
14Zero ads for American car makers.$9.00American car makers traditionally have a strong presence in Super Bowl ads. A complete absence would be highly unusual and contrary to historical trends.No
15Deepfake technology used in two or more commercials.$3.50Deepfake technology is an emerging trend, and its novelty could be leveraged in Super Bowl ads. However, widespread use in multiple commercials might be restrained due to ethical concerns and the novelty of the technology.No
16A commerical that references the 2023 SAG-AFRTA and WGA strikes.$6.00Such a reference would be highly specific and industry-focused, which might not align with the broader appeal typically sought in Super Bowl ads.No
173+ Kardashian/Jenners to appear in commercials.$2.75The Kardashian/Jenner family is highly influential in media and advertising. Their appearance in multiple commercials is plausible given their broad appeal and frequent media presence.Yes
18Weight Watchers launches a new promotion based on the “Girl Dinner” trend.$3.25Weight Watchers often aligns its promotions with current social and cultural trends. A campaign based on the “Girl Dinner” trend would be a timely and relevant marketing strategy.No
19A car brand references “U-Turn” in their ad to nod to Usher’s half-time show.$2.60Car brands frequently use creative themes in their ads. A reference to Usher’s half-time show would be a clever and topical way to engage the audience, especially if Usher’s performance garners significant attention.Yes
20At least one brand tries to hijack the event with a ‘faux OOH’ side campaign (e.g. the Maybelline Eyelash Train/Bus/Ferry).$2.85Innovative and guerrilla marketing tactics, like a ‘faux OOH’ campaign, align with the trend towards more interactive and engaging advertising strategies, especially at high-profile events like the Super Bowl.Yes
21Zero ads for crypto brands.$6.50Given the recent market volatility in cryptocurrencies, there might be a reluctance to invest heavily in high-cost Super Bowl ads, but a complete absence would be notable given the previous trend of crypto advertising.No
22Trump bets big for ’24 election with a campaign ad and/ commercial to promote Truth Social.$7.00Political ads, especially those related to presidential campaigns, are rare in the Super Bowl due to their divisive nature. This would be a highly unusual and potentially contentious move.No
23Tiger Woods features in a spot for new ‘Sunday Red’ partnership with Taylor Made.$2.40Tiger Woods, a major figure in golf, collaborating with a well-known brand like Taylor Made would be a strong match, especially if promoting a new product line.Yes
24Bluey’ features in an ad for Outback Steakhouse.$3.60The Australian-themed restaurant could see the popular Australian show ‘Bluey’ as a fitting and family-friendly promotional tool, appealing to both children and parents.No
25Wes Anderson directs commercial in Wes Anderson style for Wes Anderson.$15.50While Wes Anderson’s distinct style would make for a memorable ad, the self-referential concept of him directing an ad for himself is highly unconventional for Super Bowl advertising.No
26Jennifer Coolidge appears or is referenced in one or more ads.$2.10Jennifer Coolidge’s current popularity and distinctive persona make her a likely candidate for appearances or references in ads, resonating with a wide audience.Yes
272+ brands customising their ads for the Nickelodeon simulcast.$2.50With the growing trend of targeting specific audiences, like children, through channels like Nickelodeon, brands may customize their ads to appeal to this younger demographic.Yes
28One brand makes a controversial reference to the Epstein Island scandal.$18.00Super Bowl ads typically avoid highly controversial topics, especially those of a sensitive and potentially divisive nature, to maintain broad appeal.No
29Bud Light doubles down on trans community support.$3.00Brands are increasingly taking stands on social issues. Bud Light may choose to solidify its support for the trans community, aligning with progressive branding strategies.No
30Bud Light tries to win back college jocks by becoming the proud new sponsor of hazing.$10.00Hazing is widely condemned and associating with it would be a highly risky and controversial move for a major brand like Bud Light, likely to provoke backlash.No
31Something referred to as a person’s “Roman Empire”.$4.50This phrase, which has surged in popularity on social media, could be a contemporary and relatable theme for an advertising campaign. However, social media topics may be too niche or lack relevance to certain products, with brands preferring topics with wide, mainstream appeal.No
322 or more inclusive ads catering to audiences with disabilities.$1.85The advertising industry is increasingly recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusivity. With a growing societal emphasis on representation, it’s likely that brands will create Super Bowl ads that specifically appeal to or include people with disabilities, reflecting a more inclusive approach​​.Yes
33Brendan Fraser fronts an ad.$2.75Brendan Fraser’s recent comeback in Hollywood, marked by critical acclaim, makes him a timely and appealing choice for advertisers. His relatable persona and resurgence story could be leveraged in narrative-driven ads, possibly for products or services that align with themes of revival or transformation.Yes
34Pedro Pascal steams in ad about the end of the world.$3.30Pedro Pascal, known for his roles in action and drama genres, could bring a compelling presence to an ad with a dramatic theme like ‘the end of the world’. This could align with products or services that emphasize urgency or significant change. However, the specificity of this scenario makes it a less common choice for Super Bowl ads, which usually opt for broader appeal​​.No
35Big Temu brand spot.$2.50New or emerging brands, like Temu, often use prominent platforms like the Super Bowl to launch significant marketing campaigns. This event provides an opportunity for such brands to reach a wide and diverse audience, making a major ad spot a strategic investment for brand establishment or repositioning.Yes
36Scorcese directs an ad that is 3x longer than necessary.$8.90Martin Scorsese is a filmmaker renowned for his unique style, but a Super Bowl ad significantly longer than the standard format is highly unconventional. While Scorsese’s involvement would bring artistic credibility, the extended length could be a drawback given the event’s fast-paced nature and the premium on ad time​​​​.No
37Britney Spears pays to amplify her own social content in a full, 60-second Super Bowl spot.$6.00Britney Spears using a Super Bowl ad slot for personal content amplification would be an innovative use of the platform, merging personal branding with one of the biggest advertising stages. However, such a direct approach to self-promotion is atypical for Super Bowl ads, which are generally product or brand-focused.No
38Posh and Becks “tell the truth” in a big brand commercial.$3.00David and Victoria Beckham are global icons with significant media presence. An ad featuring them in a candid setup, perhaps revealing personal insights or breaking the fourth wall, could attract considerable attention. However, the concept of ‘telling the truth’ might need to align carefully with the endorsing brand’s message to be effective.No
39At least one celebrity alcohol brand ad (e.g. Brother’s Bond Whiskey, Casamigos Tequila, Aviation Gin).$1.70Celebrity-owned alcohol brands have seen a surge in popularity. Given the Super Bowl’s wide reach, it’s highly plausible for such brands to capitalize on this event. Ads featuring these brands, backed by their celebrity owners, would appeal to a broad audience, combining star power with product promotion​​.Yes
40Will Smith and Chris Rock co-star in a slapstick comedy commercial.$12.50While a commercial featuring Will Smith and Chris Rock, especially in a comedic context, would undoubtedly draw attention, their recent controversial altercation might make this pairing a risky choice for advertisers. The potential for humor could be significant, but brands might be cautious about associating with a sensitive topic.No
41A ‘quiet luxury’ brand does the first ever Super Bowl commerical with no sound.$5.80A silent ad would be groundbreaking, but Super Bowl’s lively atmosphere makes this a risky approach. It would rely on strong visual storytelling to capture attention amidst the event’s usual noise and excitement​​.No
42Ryan Gosling cameos in an ad as ‘Ken’.$3.25Gosling’s portrayal of ‘Ken’ could be a creative angle for ads seeking pop culture relevance. However, such a specific character tie-in would depend on partnership agreements and the ad’s timing relative to related media releases​​.No
43A recruitment brand targets tech company layoffs.$2.40With the tech industry’s fluctuating job market, a recruitment brand could tap into this theme, offering solutions or opportunities to those affected. This approach would resonate with current economic trends and viewer experiences.Yes
44An ad featuring ONLY nepo babies (either ironically or unintentionally).$4.75Featuring exclusively ‘nepo babies’ (children of celebrities) could be seen as a tongue-in-cheek nod to industry nepotism. However, such a specific and potentially controversial focus is less common for Super Bowl ads, which usually aim for broader appeal.No
45CosMcs (McDonald’s new drinks store) creates a star-studded Super Bowl commercial.$2.10McDonald’s leveraging its new venture CosMcs with a high-profile, celebrity-filled ad fits the Super Bowl’s penchant for star power and big brand presence. This would align with McDonald’s marketing strategy and the event’s broad audience appeal​​.Yes
46A dead celebrity is ‘resurrected’ for a meaningless cameo.$5.00While technology allows for posthumous appearances, such use could be seen as insensitive or controversial, especially if it lacks significant context or purpose in the ad narrative.No
47ChatGPT features in more ads than any individual celebrity or influencer.$3.60As AI technology becomes more prominent, it’s plausible to see ChatGPT featured in multiple ads, either as a tool or a thematic element. However, surpassing individual celebrity presence would be a significant trend shift​​.No
48Tom Brady cashes in on his career and appears in multiple spots.$1.95Tom Brady, a notable NFL figure, is a likely choice for multiple ads, capitalizing on his fame and appeal to football fans. This aligns with the Super Bowl’s tradition of featuring sports celebrities in ads.Yes
49The Las Vegas Sphere is taken over by a brand.$1.80The Sphere’s prominence and novelty make it a prime target for a high-impact brand takeover, especially during a high-profile event like the Super Bowl. This aligns with current trends in experiential marketing and brand activations​​.Yes
50A brand remakes a ‘classic’ Super Bowl ad from their archives in a bold statement of self-indulgence.$2.60Remaking a classic ad would tap into nostalgia, a powerful tool in advertising. This approach would resonate with long-time viewers and could reinvigorate a brand’s image by highlighting its enduring presence in the market.Yes